Contract and Shipment

As soon as we receive inquiry from a client, export procedure of used motorcycle goes as follows:

Fix the detail list of container

Having confirmed the required models we arrange the detail list of container (assortment).
We check our storehouse if the required models are available. Considering the terms of trade contract (EX-GO DOWN OUR YARD, FOB, CFR, C.I.F.), we make out a estimation.
We kindly ask you to fill in models you are interested in, quantity, engine capacity, and year of manufacture for big motorcycles.

GRADE A:There are no missing parts or no big damages/scratches in the cover/body, engine compression is checked.
GRADE B:There are damages/scratches in the cover/body or there is no engine compression
GRADE C:There might be damages/scratches in the covers/body and there is no engine compression.
If you have specific requests other than the 3 categories above, please mention it in “Other requests” in Contact.

Contents of the contract

According to confirmed estimation we make out and send you a proforma invoice in which we will define payment terms and port of destination.


Having the terms of the contract confirmed, we determine vanning date and vessel.


Vanning will be carried out according to schedule and confirmed assortment.
(Note: In case we need some time for collecting motorcycles due to short of stock, we inform you how long it will take)

Customs clearance

After the shipment shortly we make out all necessary documents for the customs clearance. At the same time, we will send you the invoice confirming the final assortment by e-mail. After the customs clearance and export permission, your container will be ready for shipment. Then we will send you the copy of B/L so that you can check its descriptions by e-mail/fax.

Payment terms

Payment shall be made in the form of 100% advance payment and before vanning date. All other payment terms should be talked over beforehand. After you settle the payment, we will despatch original B/L so that you can receive the cargo on your side.