Our advantages

The largest exporter and its performance


We export more than 4,000 units of motorcycles per a month.

Our company has been dealing with export of new & used motorcycles for more than 30 years.
The big variety of scooters, business-scooters and classic bikes in a quantity more than 4,000 units per month is dispatched from all of our branches.
Considering stock situation, container-loading is conducted as quikly as possible.

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Headquarters are located near to both the port and airport. The location is not only convenient for visiting but also affords to economise shipping costs.

Our headquarters in Osaka is located in approximately 10 minites by car from KANSAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.
We are also very close to the port of Osaka and Kobe, which affords to cut transportation expenses.
Our branches in the Eastern and Western part of Japan in Okayama, Saitama and Nagoya are ready to fill your order as well.


Quick review of our export results in 30 years

TSUKISHIRO CO.,LTD. Has been successfully making great export business with partners in more than 30 countries in the world.

South East AsiaHong Kong, Cambodia, Phillipines,
Sri Lanka etc
OceaniaAustralia, New Zealand etc
Middle EastLebanon, Saudi Arabia,
United Arab Emirates etc
EuropeThe UK, Cyprus, Russia, Ukrane etc
AfricaEgypt, Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria etc
North and Latin AmericaThe US, Canada, Chille,
Dominican Republic etc